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The majority of organizations today currently build their business intelligence from a variety of sources that are traditionally unstructured and unreliable.

In this all too common business scenario, who is keeping the pulse on your marketplace?

SPYCOMPS is neither a traditional business intelligence firm, nor a traditional market research firm. Our value is provided through a unique combination of retail pricing and research data with observations, ideas and insights from the market.


We provide actionable insights and knowledge that drive actions and strategy for manufacturers, retailers and other industry decision makers.


By connecting people to ideas, SPYCOMPS identifies opportunities for your marketplace. We are your eyes and ears on the competition, industry trends and new market innovations.


Jason Williams in Indianapolis, Indiana
Jason Williams

Founder & CEO

"I started SPYCOMPS because I’ve experienced first-hand the need in the retail marketplace for one service that can provide pricing intelligence, competitor analysis and market research. I’ve spent thousands of hours visiting retail stores, walking industry events and talking to consumers and customers to manually collect, track and report relevant intelligence. This information is typically scattered across company phones, emails, computers and shared drives. It doesn’t have to be. Let SPYCOMPS keep our finger on the pulse of your marketplace, freeing you up to focus on strategy and make faster, better business decisions."

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Before starting SPYCOMPS, Jason spent more than a decade as the US Marketing Director for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. As the eyes and ears on the US market, it was his responsibility to track a wide variety of product categories and consumer segments. He provided sales and product direction, in-depth competitive landscapes, competitor and market feasibility analysis, consumer insights and research, online marketing, tradeshow management and brand building. Jason has worked directly with some of the largest retailers in the world including Walmart, Home Depot, Costco Wholesale, and many others.

Jason's purpose is to drive innovation by connecting awesome people with resources that make them more awesome. A graduate of Butler University, he is extremely active in Indiana’s innovation and entrepreneurship communities and is a member of the Hive Global Leaders network. Jason is a curious explorer and passionate about new ideas and experiences.

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